NTCCF Mission

The mission for Navajo Treatment Center for Children and Their Families: helping Navajo children heal from trauma and to move forward to a path of wellness and well being.

Guiding Principals

• Any form of violence toward children is not acceptable
• All children are valued
• Every Child is entitled to a safe and secure environment, personal well-being, dignity and respect.
• Everyone, including victims, survivors, and offenders, is
entitled to accessible appropriate quality services and information which is consistent and respectful.
• All children are to be treated equally regardless of racial mix, color, and sexual orientation, physical or mental ability.
• Preventing, treating and responding to child abuse is a shared responsibility
• The knowledge of survivors is important in the design and delivery of services.
• Children and Families have a choice to receive psycho therapeutic and Dine traditional services.
• All personnel will not neglect their duties and responsibilities assigned to them by their job description to provide services to children.
• All licensed mental health family therapist will strictly follow their Code of Ethics, as state license requires.


Navajo Youth Risk
behavior 2005 Survey

• 27% of navajo Middle School students have considered suicide in the past year.

• 33% of Navajo Middle School Students have been in a car with a drunk driver.

• 89% of Navajo High School Students wear seat belts.

• 39% of Navajo High School students drank alchohol during the past month.

(The Navajo YRBH was administered by the Navajo Area indian Health Services Health Promotion Program and the Navajo Division of Health