Treatment Center

We offer  . . . . .                  

  • Outpatient counseling to children four years old to eighteen years old; individuals, couples, groups, families and aftercare.

  • Sessions can be offered at school, home or the NTCCF clinics.

  • Qualified and licensed therapists.   

  • Prevention services for schools, communities, chapters and department/program. 

 Informed Consent

Informed Consent: 

• Every adult person has the right to decide what can and cannot be done to his or her own body.
• Assumes a person is capable of making an informed decision about his/her own health care.
• State regulations vary, but mental illness does not mean that a person is or should be assumed incapable of making decisions related to his or her own care.
• Patients have a right to: - Information about their treatment and any procedures to be performed - Know the inherent risks and benefits
• Without this information (specific information, risks, and benefits) a person cannot make an informed decision. The above also holds true for those who might participate in research.

Right to Refuse Treatment/Medication:                                                                    

• A person has the right to accept treatment, he or she also had the right to refuse treatment to the extent permitted by the law and to be informed of the medical consequences of his/her actions.

• In some emergency situations, a patient can be medicated or treated against his/her will, but state laws vary and so it is imperative to become knowledgeable about applicable state laws.

Navajo Treatment Center for Children and Their Families Regional Clinics

• Chinle 928.871-7679
Fax: 928.871-6176

• Crownpoint 505.786.2420 Fax: 505.768.2421

• Ft. Defiance 928.729.4282 Fax: 928.729.4285

• Shiprock 505.368.1168 Fax: 505.368.1192

• Kayenta 928.697.5560 Fax: 928.697.5562

• Dilkon 928.657.8182 Fax: 928.657.8181

• Tuba City 928.283.3261 Fax: 928.283.3279